Welcome to our new website!

In October the previous Wild Coast Magazine website had a critical crash of some kind, and whatever the problem was, the two backups we had also contained the crashed file, so we were unable to resurrect it. This is the result of that catastrophe - a brand new website that we'll be building on as time goes by.

This new website combines the previous thewildcoast.ca website that was the publishing company website with the wildcoastmagazine.com, which as you can guess was the magazine website. The hybrid combines the store functionality of the company website with a few of the features of the magazine website - simplified, granted, but a necessary result of losing what amounted to years of work and planning to create the previous version.

For those who want to stay more in touch with our day-to-day happenings, we would like to refer you to our Facebook page, which has ongoing news and information about what we're up to but also what is happening on the BC coast. Join us, it's going to be an adventure!


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